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Our Team

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MCA National Staff

MCA is thankful for our dynamic team. 

Anissa King - President & CEO


Joy Dawson - National Director

Cindy Fenty - Chief Administrative Officer

Nikki McGee - Advisor

Kamille Richards - Event Project Manager 

LiTeena Leonard - Director of Community Engagement & PR 

Bea Baylor - Marketing Director

Naomi Unroe - Social Media Manager

Racnerth De Christie Jean - Marketing Coordinator

Delores King - Office Manager

Andrita Fenn - Administrative Coordinator

Holly Tillman - Public Affairs Administrator

Dr. Edna Jones Miller - Queen Excitement Officer

Jerred Mason - Marketing Consultant

Gene Culver - Project Manager

Latoya Rattery - Consultant

Toany Le - Consultant

Mia Gates - Intern

Vanessa F. Jean-Jacques - Intern

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