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Her Story

Desiree A. Cinada is a remarkable individual who wears multiple hats with grace and passion. As a devoted wife, loving mother, faith-based business coach, inspirational speaker, and serial entrepreneur, she has dedicated her life to empowering others and making a positive impact in their lives. In all aspects of her life, Desiree strives to be an example of perseverance. She believes that by embracing her roles and journey of life she can make a lasting impact on the lives of those around her. Her unwavering commitment to faith and dedication to empowering others is what makes her a true leader of inspiration to all who have the privilege of crossing paths with her.


Desiree is the founder of a faith-based women’s nonprofit organization called SHĒ (Slay, Hope, Empower), CEO of DAC global solutions consulting firm, Co-founder of a children’s nonprofit @lagonavenoukapab 

and the owner of a beauty & fashion brand, Belle Touchè & Co. 


A Conversation with Desiree

- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Texas would be a state that I’d consider living due to the statement of “EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS” - that’s literally their slogan. 


I’ve never lived outside the state of Florida, so that would be a great change. I would look forward to the food, country living, beautiful homes, the cost of living and career opportunities.

- If you could meet anyone in the world, who would they be?

Wow!!! That’s a tough question as there are so many great people I look forward to meeting, but if I could just meet 1 right now, that would probably be Steve Harvey. I’ve always considered him to be the “UNCLE” or mentor that I’ve never had. I honor his transparency, his love for God, his influence, his leadership skills, his sense of humor, his character, his wisdom and of course his fashion.


- Who is your role model and why?

The Great Bishop TD Jakes is definitely on my role model list BUT I’ll choose his Daugther Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. When I see Pastor Sarah I see a lot of me, in a sense of being bold and keeping her eyes fixed on the things that God has assigned her to. I admire her transparency; she does not allow her past experiences to define her, but she chooses to believe and walk into her purpose BOLDLY. From viral sermons to sold out stadiums, while being a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and preacher, she is paving the way for many women like myself. 


- Best advice you've ever been given:

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” 

-Oprah Winfrey 

I consider this quote to be great advice because often times we feel like we need more in order to do more, which is not always true. If we take the time to do what we can with what we have, it will prepare us for our next. 


- Something interesting about you:

There are so many interesting things to know about me, but the fact that I’ve played the flute in middle school is probably the least known. 


- Three words that describe you best:

Resilient, inspirational, and trustworthy.  


- Current Read:

Leadership not by the book by David Green with Bill High.


- Favorite TV Show:

I actually do not have a favorite show. I spend must of my time listening to music or reading. 


- Favorite Food: 

Mmmm ... I’m a foodie so I don’t have a favorite food but I’ll definitely take savory food over sweets any day! 


- Favorite Sport:

I’m not an athletic person so I don’t have a favorite sport, but I will say this, since my husband is a soccer and basketball fanatic, out of these two sports, I would choose basketball.

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