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Juanita Rollins Coley

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2022- 2024

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Her Story

Also known as the Contact Center Whisperer, Juanita started her journey in WFM back in 2006 as a contact center agent who found a user manual for the Blue Pumpkin WFM system that the center was using. When she asked her manager if they minded her reading and learning about the system, they unexcitingly said “if you really want, go head.” Just like that, Juanita fell in love with the WFM discipline and was down the road to a new passion.

Over the next 14+ years Juanita has become a “Zen Master” of all things Workforce Management. She has utilized her talents and brought new efficiencies and optimizations to household brand companies like United HealthCare, Optum, Walgreens, Liberty Medical, and many more. Juanita’s impeccable reputation as a world-class subject matter expert earned her positions working as a Consultant directly for WFM system giants Verint and Aspect.

In 2018, she published her first book “The Corporate Playbook” and is expecting to release her second book currently titled “The Ground Up” in late 2021. 

When not writing books, speaking at conferences like SWPP, volunteering at her nonprofits Solid Rock Collaborative and Stand Apart Youth, Juanita can be found harnessing all her skills and knowledge to bring customers a boutique style WFO consulting experience through her team of WFM consultants at Solid Rock Consulting.

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