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Review our FAQs Below

“When did the Ms. Corporate America competition begin?“

The first competition was in March of 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Orlando, FL.


“What age do I have to be to compete in the Ms. Corporate America system?”

Candidates must be between the ages of 30-65.

Can I be married and compete in the Ms. Corporate America Competition?

Yes, you can be single or married.

“Is there an entry fee to compete in the Ms. Corporate America system?”

Yes. The entry fee for the competition is $1,500 (includes optional full-page ad in the MCA Program Guide). Payment plans are available. The entry fee can be paid by yourself, sponsors, family or friends. We’ll acknowledge all business sponsors in the official MCA Program Guide (given to contestants, volunteers, staff, sponsors, community officials, and national women-owned businesses).

“What does the entry fee cover?”

The entry fee covers your sash embroidered with your state title, the MCA Program Guide, a gift bag filled with sponsored items, a professional workshop, photo shoot, some meals, transportation, and numerous other production-related expenses.

“Are titles awarded based on the state in which I live?”

Titles are awarded based on the state that you live in or state that you have connections to (birthplace, workplace, college state, previous state where you have lived, etc.)

“When and where will the 2025 national competition be held?”

The national competition will be held in June 2025. The live competition will take place on Saturday at 7:30pm of the competition weekend.

“Am I required to stay at a certain hotel during the competition weekend?”

Yes. All candidates must stay at the host hotel during the competition weekend. The host hotel is Aloft Orlando Downtown.

“Do you recommend candidates hire a competition coach?”

It’s not a requirement. However, competition coaching is a great tool to use. Contact our office by emailing if you need a recommendation for a competition coach.


“What expenses am I responsible for during the competition weekend?”

Candidates are required to pay for their travel expenses, hotel accommodations, competition wardrobe, hair, makeup and some meals.


“Do I need competition experience to compete in the Ms. Corporate America system?”

No experience is necessary! Many candidates in our system have never competed in a competition before.

“How do I know if my profession qualifies to compete in the Ms. Corporate America system?”

Many professions are accepted into the competition. If you would like to know if your profession would be accepted, email your request to

“Can I compete in the Ms. Corporate America system if I don’t have any community involvement?”

Part of a winner’s platform is to promote a cause or charity of choice, therefore we encourage applicants to have past or current community involvement.

“What are the competition categories?”

Corporate Interview, Corporate Community, Corporate Elegance and Corporate Philosophy Q&A. There are no swimsuit or talent categories. For more information on the competition categories, see our Judging Criteria.

“What are the requirements of the MCA queens?

The MCA queens become the voice and image of professional women across America for a term of one year. They will be responsible for conducting professional workshops, doing national radio and television broadcasts, attending seminars, participating in charitable events, and speaking to audiences about their platform.

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