The MCA Organization is a business friendly competition, honoring corporate professionals, business leaders and CEOs. We mix business with beauty and our unique platform gives women in business a national stage to expand their brand and serve their community. Throughout this journey, we promote self-development by helping contestants enhance self-confidence, strengthen leadership skills, and accomplish personal and professional goals, while also establishing lasting friendships with other professional women.

Competition weekend features highly informative and entertaining workshops, professional photo shoots, lavish dinners and other exciting festivities! In addition, contestants will socialize and network with many Orlando executives and influencers dominating in the arenas of business, corporate, and entertainment.

During the competition, we bring together hundreds of the brightest business professionals, community leaders and government officials for an unforgettable night! Since our organization is designed to "give back," we raise funds for MCA’s Charity of Choice to heighten awareness of issues facing today’s modern corporate women.

The Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Organization is more than a competition, it is a movement! We are #beyondbeauty and highlight women of all shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. Our contestants showcase beauty, confidence and drive & represent the future of corporate America and business ownership!

Every woman has a gift to share with the world.

Our Mission

Mission: To highlight the individual achievements and successes of professional women leaders who are innovators and influencers in their respective fields of business.


Our Vision

MCA brings together hundreds of the brightest and best business professionals to celebrate women and raise awareness of important issues . The competition represents the future of corporate beauty.

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MCA Makes History

Since the early 1960s, women have worked hard to climb the corporate ladder or build their own business. Their roles have merged from homemakers and custodians to executive CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.


The enduring strength and determination of women in the past provided an outlet for women today to excel in business. Women’s evolution into the mainstream corporate world has led to the renaissance of the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Competition. The Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Competition is the only competition system that empowers professional women across America.


The introduction of this competition has made Her-Story, and created a mark that can never be erased.