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Her Story

Kiara J. Mason was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida and is now a proud Sanford, Florida resident. Outside of being a full-time mother to 2 beautiful children, Kiara is the Co-owner & Content Marketing Strategist for MTM Creative Imaging & Co., a full service social media marketing agency that her and her husband Jerred Mason operate together. Her story is interesting as she transitioned from being a Social Worker to a Social Media Strategist. She uses her clinical and people skills to get to the heart of her client’s message to help them reach their targeted audience.

Along with being a dedicated wife, mother and accomplished entrepreneur, Kiara is also a huge women empowerment advocate, which led her to found the non-profit Mommy Shower™ Inc. after overcoming postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety with her firstborn. Mommy Shower™ Inc. is a non-profit organization that seeks to shower mothers with empowerment, resources, education and community in their prenatal and postpartum stages to ensure that mothers are prioritizing self-care.

A Conversation with Kiara

- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Toronto, Canada is such a clean, peaceful place and I decided that I would absolutely own a second home there because of its tranquility! 


- If you could meet anyone in the world, who would they be?

Oh my, there are quite a few people on my list. I have big dreams of meeting Michelle Obama to chat about how she leads with such grace and she supported her husband while also staying true to furthering her mission. And if I may add one more, Marshawn Evans Daniels! Her perspective on purpose, Godfidence and "Believing Bigger" is absolutely admirable. I'd love to simply chat and take notes on her wisdom. 


- Who is your role model and why?

What I love about Dr. Elisa LaShell Harney is her ability to walk in multiple dimensions effortlessly. Whether she is speaking prophetically, providing professional training or instructing in personal development, she boldly walks in multiple realms and I love to see it in action because I believe I am called to do the same. 


- Best advice you've ever been given:

"Make daily decisions aligned with destiny, paying systematic attention to divine details." -Bishop Ben Gibert, my late mentor.


- Something interesting about you:

I was the Valedictorian of my 5th grade class and I scored the highest FCAT score in the school. They awarded me with a trip to KB Toys!


- Three words that describe you best:

Eclectic, Transparent and Purpose-Minded 


- Current Read:

Mastery by Robert Greene


- Favorite TV Show:

Married at First Sight 


- Favorite Food: 

I am an absolute foodie so I have a number of favorites. But right now Ramen is on the top of the list (thanks to my husband who lived in Japan for over a decade) along with Haitian and Jamaican food.

- Favorite sport:

Cheerleading! Yes, cheerleading is indeed a sport and I absolutely enjoyed being a cheerleader from Elementary School to High School.

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