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Corporate Ads

The Ms./Mrs. Corporate America competition invites your company to be a visible participant in this exciting and prestigious event. The Ms./Mrs. Corporate America competition Program Guide is a great way to promote your company. This year, we’ll distribute hundreds of copies at the actual pageant, and we’ll send additional copies to the Chamber of Commerce, city and corporate leaders and civic organizations around the world. The Ms./Mrs. Corporate America competition showcases the achievements and accomplishments of professional women across America.


The competition celebrates strong, committed, and ambitious women in the workforce.

DEADLINE: Ads and payments must be submitted by Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 5pm EST.


Advertising rates below are for full-color, camera-ready art work. There will be a typeset and art charge of $50 per page on ads larger than a business card if not submitted camera ready. Payment must accompany all ads. Make checks payable to: Ms. Corporate America competition. Placement of ad is at the publisher’s discretion.


Full Page 7-3/4″X 10-3/4″ $395.00
Half Page 5”X 7-3/4” $195.00
Quarter Page 3-3/4”X 5” $100.00
Business Card $50.00 (CARD ONLY)
Back Inside Cover 8-1/2″X 11″ $500.00
Front Inside Cover 8-1/2″X 11″ $750.00
Back Cover 8-1/2″X 11″ $1000.00


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