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Nominate A Mompreneur

Entry Deadline: Saturday, May 15, 2020

Winner will be announced Tuesday, June 15, 2020

$150 Administration Fee

Do you know a woman who is successfully balancing the role of mother and entrepreneur? Nominate her to compete today!

Criteria: The Mompreneur award honors female business owners living in North, Central, or South America, who are actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur (a stay-at-home-mom who runs a business or a mom who manages her own business outside of the home).

  • Recipients must be nominated for this award.

  • Nominees must have made significant, unique and lasting contributions in the community and acted as role models for other women.

  • Nominees must be at least 21 years old and can be single, married, divorced, or widowed.

  • There is no on-stage competition.

  • The winner will be mailed their official sash and crown by Friday, June 25, 2020 and honored at the MCA 2020 purple carpet awards ceremony.

  • See the Honors & Prizes for the Mompreneur competition!


Entry Deadline: Saturday, May 15, 2020

Winner will be announced Tuesday, June 15, 2020

What are the requirements of the Ms. Mompreneur queen?

The Mompreneur queen becomes the voice and image of entrepreneurial moms across America for a term of one year. They will be responsible for making a minimum of 12 appearances a year, to include, workshops, seminars, charitable events, radio and television interviews, and speaking to audiences about their platform. Contestant recruitment (minimum of 5 recruits) is also a contract requirement, to ensure nominee goals are met.